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Question: Recently my friend suggested that I try a cleanse to help with some of the digestive problems that I am experiencing. Are cleanses really beneficial?

Answer: Each year the average person in North America is exposed to 14 pounds of food preservatives, pesticide and herbicide residues. The toxic load on our bodies is increasing every year. If not eliminated, the toxic substances stored in our bodies have detrimental health effects and can lead to chronic disease and cancer. Detoxification is one of the central concepts of natural healing. Cleansing on a regular basis aids in the elimination and neutralization of toxic wastes and helps to revitalize the natural functions of the body.

The following are some symptoms that can be associated with an over-burdened body:

Headaches Eczema Stomach cramps

Constipation Allergies Joint pain

Diarrhea Frequent colds Fatigue

Acne Slow healing Muscle aches

Gas/Bloating Weight gain Fogginess

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms a cleanse would be very beneficial. During a cleanse your digestive system gets a much needed break to heal from the effects of poor dietary choices.

Fasting one day a week or one day a month is the simplest form of detoxifying. Treating yourself to a one to two week cleanse twice yearly has many positive health benefits. A detox is a great way to start a new healthy routine, increasing the potential outcome of the program.

Written by Cobi Slater — March 15, 2016

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