Ask Dr Cobi - What supplements should I be taking as a male?

Questions: What supplements should I be taking as a male?


All men should be taking what I consider to be Tier One supplements or Foundational supplements.

These would include a high quality men's multi vitamin. It is very important that the multivitamin be free of any harmful fillers or binders and be of the best possible quality. If you are taking something on a daily basis you do not want it to do more harm than good! My male patients love Men's Nutrients from Douglas Labs (read more about it under the Featured Products).

Next on the list is once again a very high quality Omega 3 fish oil. Many fish oils on the marker are unfortunately contaminated with heavy metals. High quality brands will include a certificate of purity upon request to prove that their products are tested by a non-biased party to ensure a safe and clean product. Taking anywhere from 1000mg to 3000mg will offer a great foundation of Omega 3's.

Finally to round things out is a Vitamin D3 in combination with Vitamin K2. Vitamin D is involved in many areas of immune function and of course bone formation. It has even been shown to prevent several types of cancers! The addition of Vitamin K is crucial for absorption of Vitamin D. Dosages should vary depending on sun exposure anywhere from 2000iu up to 5000iu per day. Getting adequate Vitamin D from the sun requires 20 minutes of sun exposure to un-sun screened skin. Once there is a pinking of the skin that is when you will know you have enough Vitamin D for the day. For those who use sunscreen or do not get sun exposure supplementation with Vitamin D is crucial to optimal health!