10 Steps to FALL Back Into Health!

I love the fall! This time of year is my all-time favorite for so many reasons, but the main one is that there is this sense of renewal, starting over and getting back on track. Fall often feels more like a "new year" to me that January does! With this being said I have created 10 steps that you can follow to "Fall Back into Health!"  

1.       Boost your immune system-With kids back in school and the flu season around the corner now is the time to start boosting your body's immune function to ensure optimal health. The key nutrients involved are Vitamin D3 (Recommended adult dose is 5000iu per day), Probiotics and good old Vitamin C (at least 1000mg per day up to 5000mg per day).


2.       Detox your body- With the days of summer and all that comes with it behind us, now is a great time to rid the body of all the "summer excess"! In order to get the full detoxifying effects a cleanse needs to be at least 2 weeks long. Consider doing a cleanse that targets all of the body's elimination organs including the liver, colon, kidney's, lymphatic's, lungs and skin. My favorite's include Thorne's Mediclear Cleanse and Douglas Lab's Metabolic Rejuvenation kit!


3.       Build your foundation- Getting back on track also means building a solid foundation for ongoing great health. Foundational supplements include a good quality multivitamin, vitamin D3, omega 3's and calcium/magnesium. Taking these things consistently will help you achieve better health in all areas!


4.       Get your zzzz- Adequate sleep is crucial to good health.  The first step is create a "sleep routine". Start winding down around 8pm. Step away from the computer and dim the lights. Doing this will allow your brain to start producing melatonin. Avoid eating after 7pm so that your digestive system can also take a much needed rest. The next step is create a "sleep zone".  This means creating a space that is inviting for sleep. Turn your bedroom into an oasis of comfort and relaxation. Make sure there are no lights left on in your room. Turn the alarm clock away from your head so the light from it does not interfere with your melatonin production. If outside noise is an issue, invest in a white noise unit. Keep pets on their own beds and out of yours. Turn off the TV and empty your mind of the day's worries.


5.       Squash your stress by first identifying the stressors in your life. This is key! Often we are running such a race that we do not even realize the issues that are causing us extra stress! We all have stress that we can eliminate. Figure out what sources of stress in your life can be changed and work on removing it. In the meantime you can support your body with some key nutrients and herbs to help prevent stress from ravaging your body. In order to support your body during times of stress the following recommendations are very helpful: B-complex, Rhodiola, Ashwagandha, Licorice root, Borage, Siberian Ginseng, Relora and 5-HTP. My favorites are Relaxeze from Enzed, Adrenomend from Douglas Labs and Cortisol Manager from Integrative Therapeutics.


6.       Set new goals-It is very important to set new goals as we enter into a new season. Sit and down and think about what it is you want to achieve and how you can do it. Write you goals down! There is a much higher chance of you achieving your goals if they are part of a "to do" list rather than lost in a sea of thoughts. 


7.       Move your body-Get your juices flowing by signing up for an exercise class or by joining a fitness group. If you are accountable to someone else the chances of you exercising more consistently is much better. If you prefer to exercise alone then schedule it in. Just as we schedule in appointments we should also schedule in our exercise to keep it a top priority.


8.       Make it meatless- Choose at least one night a week to be meatless. Make is Meatless Monday. The benefits to eating less meat will include less inflammation and better digestion! There are some great recipe choices to experience onwww.ohsheglows.com; www.vegetariantimes.com andwww.nourishingmeals.com


9.       Add your greens- Make it a habit to consume greens on a daily basis. This might include having a smoothie with kale or spinach included. Lightly sauté greens such as mustard greens, beet greens, Swiss chard, bok choy, collard greens, kale or spinach in coconut oil with garlic for a delicious blast of green nutrients.


10.   Track your progress- It has been proven over and over that the most successful health changes are ones that are documented. Technology has now made this almost effortless for us. There are many apps out there as well as devices that can really help to keep you on track. Some of my favorites are My Fitness Pal and the Fitbit! 

Be Well,

Dr. Cobi