The Ultimate Candida Guide and Cookbook

Millions are people are suffering with an overgrowth of yeast in their body known as Candida. If you are suffering from digestive issues, headaches, chronic pain, unwanted weight gain, skin conditions or depression, then this is the guidebook for you. Discover how Candida can start to cause disease in the body and the many ways it can affect you. 


Featuring topics such as:

*             Causes of Candida

*             Symptoms of Candida

*             How Candida is formed in the Body

*             Testing For Candida

*             Complications of Candida

*             Facts about Candida

*             Candida Die Off

*             Yeast Killers

*             The Candida Protocol

*             Nutritional Guidelines

*             Detoxifying Recipes


This is the most advanced and current Candida detox and elimination program. Step by step you will learn what you need to do to completely rid your body of Candida. Detailed nutritional guidelines and over 150 great tasting and easy to make detoxifying recipes are included to assist you. The Ultimate Candida Guide and Cookbook has everything you need to get your health back and set you free from the symptoms that enslave you. 

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Be Well, 

Dr. Cobi