The Maui Cleanse!

Several years ago, I was scheduled to go to Maui, Hawaii. I realized a few weeks before the trip that I desperately needed to go on a cleanse. My desire was to feel really healthy and energetic on my vacation so that I could fully enjoy my family holiday. I was dissatisfied with the cleansing programs on the market, so I designed a cleanse for myself. The results were amazing!

Shortly after I returned, I had several patients who were preparing for vacations and wanted to also do a cleanse before leaving. I told them about my success with the cleanse I had designed and so I recommended it to them. Patient after patient got the same results- weight loss, energy, improved digestion, clear skin and an overall sense of feeling calm. It quickly became known as “The Maui Cleanse” and it is now a standard part of my practice and is asked for by name from people all over the world!

During a cleanse, it is not uncommon to experience temporary detox symptoms. The degree of symptoms depends of the level of toxicity in the body. Common detox symptoms may include headaches, muscle soreness, joint pain, fatigue, nausea, a change in bowel movements and flu-like symptoms. Many people do not experience these symptoms and feel fantastic, energetic and lighter immediately.

The Maui Cleanse is the perfect cleanse to achieve fast and effective weight loss and detoxification results. The Metabolic Plan begins with the Maui Cleanse in order to rid the body of toxins and to jump start the metabolism. Detoxification and cleansing are essential components toward optimal health. The duration of this cleanse is 10 days. Many people feel overwhelmed at the thought of a cleanse. The Maui cleanse was designed to actually make life easier! During this cleanse, there is less food to prepare than normal because two meals per day are replaced with a detoxifying smoothie. Many patients report that they find the Maui Cleanse very easy and convenient. In fact many people decide to stay on the cleanse for an extended period of time. There is no concern about feeling hungry during this process as many patients that have completed this cleanse have been grown men with big appetites!

What you will need:

The Maui Cleanse Guidelines and recipe booklet

Pure Lean Protein (1 container for a 10 day cleanse- 2 containers if doing a longer cleanse)

BioLivX- Liver detoxifier

Metafiber- Detoxifying fiber formula

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