Top Lab Tests to Uncover Hidden Road Blocks to Weight Loss


Top Lab Tests to Uncover Hidden Road Blocks to Weight Loss


  1. Thyroid Panel - Imbalances of the thyroid are connected into many female hormone issues. These can include unwanted weight gain, breast cancer, uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts, endometriosis, infertility, postpartum depression, and miscarriage, PMS and cycle abnormalities. Hypothyroidism or underactive thyroid is often linked with adrenal fatigue, estrogen dominance and progesterone deficiency. A dysfunctional thyroid can affect almost every aspect of health. It is one of the most under-diagnosed hormonal imbalances together with estrogen dominance and metabolic syndrome. A complete thyroid profile includes free T4, free T3, TSH, and TPO and can indicate the presence of an imbalance in thyroid function. Hypothyroidism include feeling cold all the time, low stamina, fatigue (particularly in the evening), anxiety, depression, low sex drive, weight gain, and even elevated cholesterol


  1. Adrenal Panel - The main function of the adrenal glands is to provide stress coping and survival responses. Higher and more prolonged levels of circulating cortisol (like those associated with chronic stress) have been shown to have negative effects, such as:
    • Impaired cognitive performance
    • Dampened thyroid function
    • Blood sugar imbalances
    • Decreased bone density
    • Sleep disruption
    • Decreased muscle mass
    • Elevated blood pressure
    • Lowered immune function
    • Slow wound healing
    • Increased abdominal fat
  1. Female Hormone Panel - Dr. John Lee, the world's authority on natural hormone therapy, coined the phrase "estrogen dominance". This condition occurs when deficient, normal or excessive estrogen levels are not equally balanced with progesterone. Estrogen and progesterone work synergistically with each other to achieve and maintain hormonal balance in the body. The main cause of many hormonal issues is not the absolute deficiency of estrogen or progesterone but rather when estrogen dominates the hormonal pathway over progesterone. This domination of estrogen causes weight gain, especially around the


  1. Food Allergy Panel - The presence of antibodies in the blood to certain foods comes from deep within the immune system. Consuming allergenic foods on a regular basis results in escalating inflammation in the body which can result in weight gain. Blood testing for food allergies can reveal the hidden allergies that are contributing to


  1. Insulin Resistance Testing – Insulin resistance is a condition in which normal amounts of insulin are inadequate to produce a normal insulin response from fat, muscle and liver cells. This can be a major underlying cause to unwanted weight gain. This occurs because the process by which glucose passing through the cell wall with the help of insulin to be converted into energy becomes impaired. As a result of this impairment glucose remains in the blood stream causing an increase in blood sugar which is then sent to the liver for once there, the sugar is converted into fat and carried via the blood stream throughout the body. This process can lead to weight gain and obesity.


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