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C Care-Choelsterol Care ( 120 Capsules )

Restorative Formulations

Formulation Features:

    • May play a role in influencing cholesterol biosynthesis

    • Promotes healthy circulation and healthy liver function

    • Supports the body's normal inflammatory response

Cholesterol Care contains a unique combination of herbs including Hong Qu (Red Yeast) used for maintaining the utilization and metabolism of lipids and lipoprotein production by supporting liver function and maintaining healthy bile secretion. The Thistle family of herbs in this formula, Silybum and Cynara, have been used for centuries to maintain healthy liver function and may help the liver process lipids to optimize blood cholesterol already within the normal range.

3 Capsules Contain:

CoQ10 15mg

Red Yeast Rice 1050mg

Artichoke Leaf 300mg

Milk Thistle seed 300mg

Reishi Mycelium 450mg

Suggested Use: 1 to 3 capsules, twice daily, or as directed by a health care practitioner. 

*For more information, please see the manufacturer's website

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