GI Digest - Dr Cobi (90 Capsules)

GI Digest - Dr Cobi (90 Capsules)

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GI Digest is a supplement that provides vegetarian enzymes that are intended to support the digestive system. Enzymes are substances that are used by the body in breaking down food for use in the body's systems.  Certain enzymes are used in breaking down different kinds of substances during digestion.

The enzymes this product contains include:

  • Amylase, which is used in digesting carbohydrates
  • Lipase, which is used in digesting fats
  • Proteases, which are used in digesting proteins
  • Lactase, which is used in digesting lactose (milk sugar)

This supplement is meant to help support the proper digestion of a variety foods that otherwise might be difficult to digest. 


1 vegetarian capsule contains:
BioCore Optimum Complete 110mg Providing: Amylase 3,500 DU Protease 21,000 HUT Protease 4,000 PC alpha-Galactosidase 150 GalU Glucoamylase 9 AGU Lactase 1,000 ALU Protease 50 SAPU Invertase  400 SU Lipase 500 FIP Acid Maltase 14 MaltU Peptidase 2 AP BioCore DPP-IV 100mg Providing: Protease 500 DPP-IV Protease 30,000 HUT Protease 8.5 AP