HydrOxygen (1fl oz)

HydrOxygen (1fl oz)

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As stabilized liquid oxygen, HydrOxygen supports increased oxygen levels throughout the body, including the cells, organs, and tissues.* This promotes several natural processes and functions, including ATP production, cellular respiration, and detoxification.* HydrOxygen also supports cognitive function, the body’s natural recovery processes, and the health of all microbiomes — not just the gut.*


Serving Size: 10 drops (about 0.5 mL)
Servings Per Container: 59

Polysaccharide Stabilized Molecules,
Stabilized Molecular Oxygen, Polyelectrolytes, Organosulfur Compound <5%
*Daily Value not established. Other ingredients: Reverse Osmosis Water Proprietary Blend 0.5mL * Amount Per Serving % Daily Value

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