Pascosabal (50ml) - Replacement for Bladder Manager

Pascosabal (50ml) - Replacement for Bladder Manager

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Homeopathic remedy to relieve urinary urgency, frequent and painful urination

Pascosabal helps reduce inflammation in the urinary tract, ultimately easing the pain or discomfort associated with dysuria, and reducing the sudden urgency and frequency of urination. Pascobal’s antispasmodic effect helps curb the frequency of urination as well.


1 g (46 drops) contains:

Serenoa repens (Sabal serrulatum) 1X 0.5 g
Hydrangea arborescens 2X 0.3 g
Atropa belladonna 3X 0.1 g
Citrullus colocynthis 3X 0.1 g

Non-medicinal ingredients:
Purified water, alcohol.
Contains 56% (V/V) alcohol.

Suggested use:

Adults, children ≥ 12 years: (Acute) 10-20 drops every 30-60 minutes maximum of 12 times daily;
(Chronic) 10-20 drops 1-3 times daily.