SC Lung Formula (500 mls)

SC Lung Formula (500 mls)

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Burdock – Traditionally used as a blood cleanser, it is a very good source of Inulin which has been shown to stimulate the immune system.

Sheep Sorrel – Used as a detoxifying herb.

Slippery Elm – Works synergistically with sheep sorrel, burdock & turkish rhubarb.

Turkish Rhubarb – In low doses it acts as a blood builder and blood cleanser.  

Astragulus Membranaceus is a very potent immune system stimulant. 

Licorice stimulates white blood cell and interferon production (i.e. stimulates the immune system). It is very effective in treating lung problems and is also known as a blood cleanser.

Codonopsis Nervosa stimulates the immune system in combination with astragulus and has been used for several centuries in China. It has no known side effects.


Burdock (Arctium Lappa) 20g/L

Sheep Sorrel 18g/L

Slippery Elm 4g/L

Turkish Rhubarb 0.9g/L

Astragulus Membranaceus 5g/L

Licorice 6g/L

Codonopsis Nervosa   4g/L

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