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The Ultimate Hormone Balancing Guidebook- By Dr Cobi Slater, PhD, DNM, RHT, NNCP, RNCP

Dr. Cobi

More and more people are experiencing increasing hormone dysfunction in our society today. A plethora of symptoms that are plaguing women and men of all ages can be linked to imbalances within the hormonal cascade. The underlying cause is often overlooked or undiscovered and people are recommended masking medications that ultimately offer no cure.

The Ultimate Hormone Balancing Guidebook offers a detailed account of the underlying causes as well as the standard and natural treatments for restoring hormone balance. With special sections dedicated to endocrine disruptors, liver toxicity, the stress effect, nutritional factors, testing procedures as well as bioidentical hormones, this guidebook gives the latest research based information on hormone disruption.

This comprehensive work provides traditional and natural solutions to balance hormones and achieve greater overall health for issues such as: • Anxiety • Depression • Adrenal Fatigue • Thyroid disorders • Estrogen Dominance • Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) • Fibroids • Endometriosis • Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) • Ovarian Cysts • Menopause • Andropause • Weight Gain

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