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Venetone Cream (100 g)


Venotone Active Ingredients:

Yarrow aromatic water, horse chestnut decoction, witch hazel aromatic water and marigold macerated oil, comfrey macerated oil (in olive oil).
Description A light, white cream.

Uses Yarrow and horse chestnut are traditionally used to help improve varicose veins, and in combination with witch hazel, they may also help the appearance of thread veins. Yarrow is a traditional vulnerary and has similar anti-inflammatory properties to chamomile. Comfrey macerated oil strengthens connective tissue. This cream is ideal alone or in combination with other ingredients for applying to varicose veins, varicose eczema and edema due to venous insufficiency.

Precautions: Yarrow essential oil is traditionally avoided during pregnancy. It is unclear whether this also extends to the aromatic water.

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