How To Survive The Holidays!

It is the time of year when many people feel the spirit of indulgence coming upon them. If you are wondering how you are going to survive and would like wake up Jan 2nd feeling great about your choices rather than feeling the need to “start over” then this Holiday Survival Guide is just what the Doctor ordered!

In so many ways the Holiday Season is a wonderful delight but there are also challenges that people may face in regard to staying healthy while still having fun. Here are my Top Tips to survive and thrive this Holiday Season:

1. Stress-This is the most common issue that many people face during the Holiday season. It is of  utmost importance to support your body during this increased time of stress so that you do not end up depleted and exhausted by January. Give your body the “stress protection” it needs by taking a Vitamin B Complex and supporting the adrenal glands. See my Top Picks for my most popular stress busting remedies.

Weight Gain-Snack before going out; Bring your own healthy share; Load up on veggies; Alcohol makes you make bad food decisions; Be accountable!

2. Digestive Distress- This is all too common after indulging in seasonal treats and party foods. Prevent the “aftermath” by taking some Digestive enzymes and Probiotics to keep your digestion in top form.  If you are aware of your food allergies, then do not cut yourself some slack by consuming allergenic foods because the result could likely prevent you from enjoying the Holidays.

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3. Travel- Many people travel during the Holiday season and end up taking a “holiday” from their regular healthy regimes. People will often skip vitamins and supplements and consume food  they do not normally eat. Sleep patterns all too often fall to the wayside as well. If you are travelling, try to stick to your regime as best as you can by taking your supplements with you and making the best nutritional choices that you can. This will ensure a much more enjoyable holiday. If you are travelling outside of normal time zones, melatonin is a proven remedy to prevent jet lag. Take 1-3mg a few days before you leave, while you are away and a few days after you return. The results are un-deniable.

4. Hangover-Many people use alcohol during this time of year as a coping mechanism or a means of celebration and sometimes it can go too far! Alcohol depletes Vitamin B1, adds excess stress to the liver and dehydrates the body.   Some of the best hangover “cures” are more in the prevention. By taking sublingual B12 and a liver protecting formula as well as stocking up on coconut water, you can actually decrease the negative effects of alcohol on the body. Take these 3 remedies daily during the Holiday season or as needed when the time arises.

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5. Immune Health- There is nothing worse than getting sick during the Holiday Season but it is a very common occurrence. It has something to do with the time of year when there are more viruses to be exposed to.  Also, once the body is allowed to relax, it has this innate ability to recognize that now there is time to be sick. Boost your immune system to prevent this from sabotaging your Holiday fun! Avoid excess sugar which depletes the immune system, pay close attention to hand washing and supplement with 5000iu of Vitamin D3, 3000mg of Vitamin C and 50mg of Zinc to protect yourself. 

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6. Exercise- This is no time to pause your exercise regime. There is so much additional stress that exercise is crucial during this time so you have an outlet for excess stress. Many people think that they will get back on track in January but why put off tomorrow what you can do today. Exercise your way through the Holidays and January won’t be so dreaded!

7. Sleep- A lack of sleep is the downfall of so many. A good night’s rest is crucial for stress management, healthy hormone balance, clear thinking, energy and prevention of food cravings. If you have difficulty sleeping,

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8. Healthy Gift Ideas- If you are stressed by gift giving then let us help! Give the gift of health. We have many great healthy gift ideas for a variety of budgets including infrared sauna sessions, 100% Pure Body Care Products, healthy gift packs and if you are still unsure, we also have gift certificates!

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Be Well,